Natus Medical Inc. / USA

Natus Medical Inc. / USA is the world's leading manufacturer of neurophysiology. Natus covers a very wide range of EEG, LTM, PSG, IOM, NCS / EMG / EP systems produced by Nicolet, Dantec or Xltek.

NicOne® EEG, LTM, PSG systems with or without video and ambulatory recordings of the manufacturer Nicolet. The name Nicolet is known worldwide as one of the most powerful companies in the field of neurophysiology.
NCS / EMG / EP systems from Nicolet (Viking®) and Dantec (Keypoint®) manufacturers fixed or portable. These systems can be considered the most powerful systems in the field of NCS / EMG / EP.
Intraoperative monitoring systems produced by Xltek. The Protektor® system with 16 or 32 channels for IOM monitoring is one of the most efficient neurophysiological monitoring systems in the operating room.
Nicolet system for ICU monitoring of neurophysiological functions.
Cortical stimulator that can work individually or in combination with the NicOne EEG system. The control is integrated in the NicOne EEG system.